Saturday, July 7, 2012



It's not functional!  We live in Texas and only wear our coats one month out of the year.  I can never find anything and when I need to get something I have to pull everything out.  Rediculous!

So, I cleaned it out and decided to start all over.

I found OOPS paint at Jabo's Ace Hardware in Keller.  $15 for Benjamin Moore Pottery Barn Paint regularly $45.

I taped and painted.

Beautiful! I also have grey accents in the living room.

I needed a place to put everyday items.  I used bins I already had in the garage, Martha Stewart chalkboard lables, and a utility shelf I bought at Home depot.

I decided to add shoe pockets to the door.  I used gift tags and wooden clips to label each pocket.  It holds all the little things I can never find :)

I bought Ocean theme gift tags @ Hobby Lobby (package of 24 for $2.99)

I also bought the Marth Stewart wall pockets to hold my mail.

I Love It!  Kid's games, party bags/tissue, sleeping bags,  hats, gloves, purses, suitcases, toilet tissue, paper towels, camera cases, sleep over bags, yoga mat, umbrellas and vacuum cleaner all organized and easily accessible:)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


The Texas Coast

This year we wanted to go somewhere for vacation but on a budget.  We love the beach and had a wonderful time last year on the California Coast.  So we decided to take a trip the the Texas Coast.  Maybe next year we will be going to the East Coast! 

We were so pleasantly surprised!  I have been many times before as a child but I remembered it very differently.  We had a wonderful time and stayed at a beautiful historic hotel that I would recommend to anybody.  Even though it was a known haunted hotel (known to everyone but me.)

Hotel Galvez

The Courtyard

The Pool Bar

The Hotel Bar built in 1876

The Girls loved the hotel breakfast bar.

The Foyer

Great Hotel

The Gulf Coast

Pleasure Pier in the background

Ella the Sand Princess

Maya got stung by a jellyfish (what do we expect in Texas) best medicine is vinegar.

Looking for sea shells and found so many cool ones (including a huge conch and sand dollar)

This doesn't happen every day

Ella's Happy Place :) (with her Mommy and Ocean)

Maya's Happy Place :) (with her Daddy anywhere)

Our Beach Umbrella and hotel

Morning walk on the beach

The Pleasure Pier with rides, food, and fun.  1st Bubba Gump in Texas.

Good-Bye Galveston :(

Monday, June 18, 2012

Organizing on a BUDGET

My New Entry

It's amazing what a difference 4 hooks can make.

My new Make-Up Station

I bought a dry erase/magnetic board at Staples.

Then I used a hot glue gun, velcro, and magnets to organize all my make-up supplies.

Have a great time organizing for on a budget :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Camping Party for my ELLA ROSE

My daughter has always had great ideas when it comes to what she wants to for her birthday party. When she said she wanted to have friends over and sleep in a tent, I kind of took that idea and ran...

I have a great backyard so it was a great background for the party.

I couldn't find a lot of party supplies when it came to "camping" so I had to make a lot of them.  I bought wood from Hobby Lobby and stickers from scrapbooking section and went to town.

This was my favorite table!  S'More Fun! S'More cupcakes, S'More Thank you kits, and S'More making stand.

The Invitaion

The tent Pinata from Birthday Express

Roasting Weinies on the Fire

The Campsite

Saturday, April 21, 2012

DAMN Martha Stewart!!!!

Martha Stewart did it again!  She has her organization line at Staples and its so good!  This is what I did...

I used the chalkboard labels for my plastic and ceramic canisters.  Now I actually know what's in them and use them more.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Laundry Room

Ok, what I'm about to show you is so embarrasing but I have to do it.  I am still working on my 40 bags in 40 days and my next challenge was the Laundry Room.  I figured since I spend so much time in there I better like how it looks.





I used the over the door media center from Elpha to use as my Laundry Room organizer. Pretty smart, huh. 30%off till Feb. 13th! I might be going back for another one for the girl's closet :)

OMG!I'm so happy with it and it feels so organized and fresh!

Here are the signs in my laundry room I love!

Happy Organizing!